Most Able, Gifted and Talented children



At any time, New Longton All Saints’ C of E Primary School may have pupils who perform at a higher than the level expected of children in their year group. These children may be identified as Most Able pupils, Gifted pupils or Talented pupils. Our policy for these pupils endeavours to ensure they can be appropriately and effectively provided for through the teaching and learning programmes in school using Quality First Teaching strategies.


Our definitions for Most Able, Gifted and Talented are as follows:


An Able Child can be:

One who achieves or has the ability to achieve at a significantly higher level of ability than most pupils of the same age group within an area of learning.
One who demonstrates abilities in one area of learning which places them in the top 20% of the school population
May demonstrate high intelligence
High order Leadership skills
Mechanical ingenuity
Creative thinking or practical skills
Demonstrate high level interpersonal skills


They may also demonstrate:

High ability with poor motor skills

Good ability with poor motor skills

High ability with attention deficit

High ability with poor social skills

An eagerness to disguise their abilities.


Gifted Child is one who:

Performs or who has the potential to perform at an extremely high level in more than one area of learning other than in Art, Design, Music or PE
Are within the 5% of pupils at the school demonstrating gifted ability in the above areas.


Talented Child is one who:

Excels or who has the potential to excel in one or more creative or expressive art or sport such as Art, Design, Music, PE or Performing Arts.


See below for our Most Able Gifted and Talented Policy.


More Able Gifted and Talented Pupils Policy



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