Key Stage Data & Examination Results

Our Results

This year, we are extremely pleased with the performance of the children at school this year. They worked exceptionally hard and should feel proud of their efforts.

As a school, we have seen an improvement in both attainment and progress over the last year and this is something we are working hard to continue.

You can also access the performance tables (Currently 2017-2018 data) for our school here.



Attainment Expected Standard Higher Standard National




(information not yet released)

Reading 84% 38% 73% xx%
Writing 91% 25% 78% xx%
Maths 94% 56% 79% xx%
Reading, Writing & Maths combined 81% 22% 65% x%


Scale Scores

With Reading and Maths, children’s raw test score was converted to a scaled score with 100 representing Meeting the Standard and 110 representing Meeting the Higher Standard.

Subject School Scaled Score National Scaled Score
Reading 107 104
Maths 110 105



Subject Progress Score
Reading 1.0
Writing 1.0
Maths 4.3

The progress for Reading and Writing falls within the “Good” band; progress in Mathematics is exemplary




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