150 Year Celebration of New Longton All Saints’

Our Day:

We had a fantastic day celebrating New Longton All Saints’ being 150.

There were so many visitors from former pupils to members of staff, with many memories floating around school.

The children looked through photographs comparing the similarities and differences between then and now.

We buried a time capsule creating something from each class to put in, as well as a recent newspaper, a new and old £1 coin,a stamp, a video of the drone we took and a photo from each year group.

We learnt so much from the past and were glad to be part of a special time in our schools history.

Father Martyn blessed the school and led the children in a whole school worship.

At the end of the day, we each performed a song from 1867 through to today 2017.

Reception performed old nursery rhymes from the 1860’s, Year 1 performed Saturday night from the 1980’s, Year 2 performed Stand by Me, Year 3 performed The Twist from the 1960’s, Year 4 performed Que Sera Sera from the 1950’s, Year 5 performed School Days from the !920’s and Year 6 performed Count on Me from the 2000’s.

Thank you to everyone for such a great day and providing photos, work, memories for us to treasure.

Look at the wonderful pictures in the gallery 🙂 a huge thank you to Mrs Eland and Bruce for the wonderful photos and videos.




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