Our Honesty Worship

A huge WELL DONE to the Worship Warriors who led us in Worship on Friday.

It was wonderful to see so many parents  join in with our Worship and Celebration Assembly.

Special thanks to Grace and Lucy who chose the story and wrote the script so everyone could take part. Also thanks to Harrison who was in charge of the technical side and the guitarists who accompanied us when we sang, ‘Colours of Day.’

All the children spoke clearly and the acting was excellent. A lovely way to end the half term!

Remember our message – ‘Be honest in all you do.’


Our Worship Warrior thoughts on presenting this worship;

Hayley- ‘I am going to make sure I speak louder on Friday when I do my class worship.’

Abigail- ‘I would really like to project my voice, I tried standing at the top of the stairs and shouting to my mum.’

Caitlin- ‘I would like to express my voice more next time.’

Sarah- ‘I really enjoyed acting.’

William- ‘I would like to add more character to my character next time I present worship.’

Grace- ‘I really enjoyed the experience of planning it together, I was proud my plan paid off.’

Neve- ‘I enjoyed having the chance to worship with our own ideas.’

Mr Heatherington- ‘The children were brilliant, you could tell they had thought about it and planned it for themselves, it was child led throughout.’

How fantastic that the Worship Warriors could reflect on this worship and see where to improve it next time, as well as acknowledging what was so great about it.





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